Get Precisely Curved Stickers With Vinyl Cutters from V-Smart Series in Ennerdale, Gauteng for sale

Get Precisely Curved Stickers With Vinyl Cutters from
Get Precisely Curved Stickers With Vinyl Cutters from
Get Precisely Curved Stickers With Vinyl Cutters from
Get Precisely Curved Stickers With Vinyl Cutters from

V-Smart Series Contour Cutting Vinyl Cutter 1310mm Working Area with Stand, plus FlexiSIGN Software NEW SKU:V3-1313 → R14999
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A bundle of capabilities that makes the new model stand out from the other machines in the market.
A symmetrical sticker with polished contours is currently as straightforward as the press of a button with the vinyl cutters of the V-Smart series. Drawing from the exceptional features of the laser optical eye, it scans different figures of the pre-printed layers and sculpts out the curves of the stickers flawlessly. All you require to do is get your artwork printed by a digital printer and then get the vinyl cutter to cut the printed stickers.
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We supply a variety of USB ports so that it can be accessed by various devices. The vinyl cutter is operational across distinct operating systems.
The speed of cutting ranges in between 50 to 500 mm per second. The cutting precision is 0.005mm and it supports unlimited contour cutting length.
Even if you unplug the power, the files meant for cutting should not be erased from the machine's memory. So you can disconnect the device and let the machine cut approximately 500 pieces.
The vinyl cutter is made of aluminum alloy and a metal sheet. You need to place the paper horizontally on the hanging bar. When the cutter is rolling, it produces a noise within the range of sixty to sixty five decibels, which is within the quite and comfortable level of the human being.
You can regulate the function through the eleven buttons that represent various functions on the simple to navigate LCD touch screen.
Depth of the blade utilised in the machine is that of 2 mm, but if you want a deeper cut, you can employ the sharp ones.
The cutting carriage of the vinyl cutter boasts a pressure of 1 kg which makes cutting thin cardboards and vinyl straightforward
Contrary to the previous model, you do not need to attach the USB drive to the computer, rather you can transport the data straight from a flash drive.
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